Monday On My Mind

Quote of the Day: “I wanna see it painted, painted black/Black as night, black as coal/I wanna see it painted, painted, painted/Painted black…” — The Rolling Stones, “Paint It Black”

It’s a new week. Got the partying out of my system. Thanks to all the peeps who wrote such nice things about the HUNG party and the book itself…

Nichelle, ma Belle: Read a great interview with writer Nichelle Tramble over at one of my favorite blogs, The Lipstick Chronicles…I knew Nichelle back in the early VIBE magazine days, when she was an agent’s assistant. Now’s she’s a great great writer with three books out. My cousin has been a big fan of hers and had recommended The Dying Ground. Little did I know tht this Nichelle was the same Nichelle I knew all those years ago. Small world. Her interview at the Lipstick Chronicles is funny and real and filled with smart observations about the writers life and life in general…Go check it out if you can.

EMMY Night: So, my girl CCH Pounder didn’t win the Emmy. Epatha Merkerson did win for the amazing Lackawanna Blues and gave the sweetest, humblest speech of the night. My favorite Desperate Housewife, Felicity Huffman, won, too. Her speech rocked, name-dropping Aaron Sorkin and David Mamet. Just like I expected it to…

Reading is Fundamental: Now that I can take some time off—the new book proposal’s on its way out, the editing of the YA novel is just about done—it’s time to get some reading done. Looks like I’ll be diving into the new Zadie Smith, the new P.D. James, and maybe, just maybe, the new Colson Whitehead, the galley of which I picked up at Doubleday the other day. If anyone wants to recommend anything else they think I should check out, shout me out here at the blog…

Music Notes: Okay, why am I loving the new CD by the Coral? “Dreaming of You”, their fab, retro-hip single from three CDs ago, has been on many a mix CD in the last coupla years, but I wasn’t much impressed by the CD it came from. This new one, though, The Invisible Invasion, is a textured, layered explosion of classic pop sounds. If you’re into Brit pop like I am, ya gotta give this a listen….Also loving A Bigger Bang, the best Stones CD in a very long time. Songs are strong, riffs connect with the lyrics, it actually sounds like Mick and Keef worked as a team and didn’t phone it in because they had a tour to promote (which came to town, unfortunately, the same night as the HUNG party; it’s the first Stones tour I’ll miss in years and years.) I’ve been playing the lead-off track “Rough Justice” over and over; as Stones’ album lead-off’s, it’s no “Rocks Off” or “Sympathy for the Devil” but it sizzles, and it’s even made it onto a mix CD already, so you know I must be loving it.

I Love My Mama: And last, but not least, this: I’m out in Long Island, visiting the family, and my mother calls me from church and says, “Can you bring me some of those bookmarks for your book, so I can give them out to some of the people here?” “At church?” I ask her, incredulous. “Yes,” she says. “Why not?” I didn’t know what to say. “I want people to know my baby has a new book coming out,” she says. “You do remember,” I say, “that it’s called HUNG, right Mommy?” “I know what it’s called,” she says. “So are you gonna bring them down or not?” Whoever thought that my mom would be such a good publicist?

That was my Sunday. How was yours?


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