I Should Have Danced All Night

Quote of the Day “I always hope that you remember/We’ll never really learn the meaning of it all…” — Sade, “Nothing Can Come Between Us”

The Party Week continues: Went to an alumni party tonight at Blue Mahoe, which was fun, saw some old faces (Rhonda Ross and Alex Bynum and Lori Pope) and some new (all those baby-faced recent grads who I don’t know but welcome to the “real world” post-college…)

Last night was hot, too. The House of Courvoisier sponsored a party for AMERICA magazine. The space was still beautiful, D-Nice was on the wheels, and celebrities braved the humidity to get their party on while Fashion Week was still in effect. I had a funny little chat with Wendy Williams and her hubby (who’s from the same town I am); I got a kick out of Stacie J. from the 2nd Apprentice show—homegirl is very funny and offered me some Harlem help with HUNG. I think I’m gonna take her up on it. Stylist to the stars June Ambrose was in the house, kickin up her heels and having a ball…I’m guessing that we’ll all be at her fab book party when her book comes out next fall from Simon Spotlight Entertainment. I stared at NBA-er Jalen Rose for a little while only because he’s been my boy on the court forever, going back to Michigan days; reminisced about oldschool Atlanta days with Jason Geter, T.I.’s manager; didn’t get to set eyes on Chris Webber, which woulda been kinda nice, considering I’ve been a fan of his for years now. Had a great conversation with actor Anthony Mackie; gave him a copy of HUNG and told him I wanted him to be part of the HUNG In Concert show that I’ll be doing next year in Los Angeles. Homeboy seemed into it, so we’ll see. If you wanna see pics of any of the Courvoisier parties, you can go to WireImage.com and check em out.


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