A Night Like That

Quote of the Day “Sharing horizons that are new to us/Watching the signs along the way…” — The Carpenters, “We’ve Only Just Begun”

Other than “thank you so much”, the one thing I found myself saying more than anything last night was, “Have you seen the pool yet?” Yes, peeps, there was a pool at the penthouse apartment where Courvoisierand Doubleday held my pre-launch party for HUNG. It really was a site you had to see to believe. And as big as the spot was, it was filled to the brim with a lot of love, and I don’t mean “Scott-Love”. Just love, and good vibes, and good times. There were also lots of delicious drinks made with Courvoisier brand cognac—the mojito being, by far, my favorite…Great mix of folks, at least the ones I got a chance to chat with or hug or share a moment or two with, from hot editor-divas like Dawn Davis and Stacey Barney from HarperCollins and Cherise Davis from Simon and Schuster; my boy, author and CNN star Toure (who’s very sweet blurb graces the top of the back cover of HUNG); co-author of The Gotham Diaries Crystal McCrary Anthony and Brooklyn writer-star Bernice McFadden; to tons of college buddies and my baby sister Tami and her crew from Long Island…My typing might be a little suspect this morning, as I’m still sorta reeling from the succession of flashbulbs that hit my eyes last night, with all the pic-taking. Big shout to Johnny Nunez for doing his thing wit the camera. I hope at least one of the pics of me came out—I am NOT a good picture-taker. But maybe last night will change that.

I gotta say, I am finally happy to be getting HUNG into the hands of peeps other than just book reviewers. I been wanting regular folks to read it since I handed it in the my editor, Clarence Haynes (who gave a great toast toward the end of the evening). Everyone at the party got a copy of it in their goody bag, so now I know I’ll start getting some feedback. Many peeps emailed me to tell me that they started reading the book on the way home or when they got home—and couldn’t put it down. That’s the way I like it (uh huh, uh huh) especially because the book clocks in about just over 200 pages and is short and sweet, just like I wanted it to be (the book, that is…) I wanted it to be a “little book about a big topic”, if you will, something people wouldn’t have to feel like they were plowing through. The sooner they read it, as far as I was concerned, the sooner they’d be able to discuss it, agree or disagree with some of my ideas, or just tell their friends some of the hilarious stories inside.

I loved the look on one guy’s face when I told him the impetus for the book was the white Abercrombie-meets-Kiss Me, Guido dude who told me at a party once that he had a dick big enough to rival any black guy’s dick—then showed it to me. And as some of you know, that wasn’t the last time some white guy would do that. I guess I just have that kind of face, (he writes, shrugging and blushing)…

I loved the flowers my agent Tanya brought me, which I carried around like a wedding bouquet for part of the night before I realized, “Uh, Scott, you look like a dude carrying a wedding bouquet around all night, Chill…”

I loved seeing Keith Boykin (who is a real cool dude & said some very very nice things about HUNG) and Carole Mackey (anyone who doesn’t know this sista from Book Span and Black Expressions…too bad for you…she is one of the greats to laugh and talk with…) and Brunonia-Diva Kim Wright (with whom I go back a long way with this dick stuff—she’ll understand that) and Donald Wood and Jane Jaffin and Brickson and Calvin Clark (who has a hot club called Langston and new restaurant I will tell you more about later) and Jack and cool-ass Don Robinder of NEXT magazine and Gerald and the Jersey Chris Boys, Brantley & Sabin and Susan Moultrie (missed ya Angie!, another night at the Stadium when you get back???) and Queen Latifah (later that evening) and Yaya (from America’s Next Top Model) and her fine-ass, talented big sis Djassi…and everyone else who came out to support…

I loved the conversation (out near the pool, natch, where a lifeguard sat watching for revelers who might have reveled a bit too much), when a homegirl came over to me and a couple of dudes and said, “Now, Scott, I started HUNG and I gotta tell you, I’d never heard about ‘growers’ and ‘show-ers’ before that.” So my boys and I went into a whole descriptive monologue about guys and how different guys have different kinds of dicks, presentationally-speaking—some start out big and get bigger (one version of “show-er”), some start out big and don’t get any bigger (another version of “show-er”) and some start out small and get very much bigger (which are the “growers”.) That led to some discussion about “shrinkage” but, well, that’s another post for another day…

And finally, I really loved getting this email from someone—a completely hetero guy who I love like a brotha who LOVED the book–just this morning: “You talk about dick size like it is an objective thing and, in some respects it is BUT in some respects it isn’t. Obviously, in measuring inches, it is objective but there is a subjective/perception component. A 6″ dick on a guy 5’2″ is gonna look (and appear to be) a lot bigger than a 6″ dick on a guy 7’2″. In one case, it is big proportionately to his body and in the other case it is small. See what I’m saying?”

Yes, I do see what homeboy is saying…and I agree somewhat but that wasn’t exactly what the book was about. What I do love is when people ask me, “How could you write a book called HUNG” I can now just forward them this email from my friend and let them know that straight dudes (and I know this from experience, life and research), think about this stuff as much as (if not more) than gay guys and women…

It’s early and I need to go back to sleep. More (and pics) to come later guys…and oh yeh…I went with the Levi’s last night…they were cute…thanks for the shout-out and suggestion Rod


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