Yo peeps…

I’ve been a journalist for most of my working, post-college life, but I’ve also always been a closet fiction writer. I had a short story published in GUMBO, an anthology edited by Marita Golden and E. Lynn Harris, both of whom praised the story and encouraged me to keep on the fiction trail, which can be hard to do when the reportage thang is paying ya bills, ya know? Then I sent a coupla stories to my boy, ace novelist Adam Mansbach, who also confirmed for me that I had some fiction chops. I recently finished two novels–a young adult thing & a spy thriller with a twist–that I just handed in to my brilliant agent Tanya. Hopefully you’ll be seeing those in the near future.

Til then: The fiction that I talked about posting a few blog entries ago is finally up and running…If you click HERE, you’ll be sent over to it.

It’s called CLASSIC 6. It’s a novella about sex, love, and real estate. It’s a real NYC story.

Hope you follow along.

Hope you enjoy.


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