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Quote of the Day: “Be careful who you do cuz karma comes back around…” –Usher, “Caught Up”

So, in the process of selling Late Registration to the masses, Kanye West is denouncing homophobia in hiphop. On MTV tonight, no less. Never really been a fan of the brotha, but hey, what a way to launch a new CD into the stores and hearts of all rap fans everywhere. Good for him. Better late (no pun intended) than never that someone should try something like this. Can’t wait to see what the fall-out will be, either way. Maybe none?


It’s like Writer Porn: Great post at The Lipstick Chronicles (a group blog of women writers that I find myself reading more and more) about one writer’s love for office supplies. I identified so much with the piece I figured others must understand this jones…


There’s word that crooner Harry Connick, Jr.’s about to play the male lead in the upcoming Broadway revival of The Pajama Game, one of those great old 50s musicals. The female lead has yet to be cast, but my vote goes to Vanessa Williams to play Babe, the hard-hearted factory worker who doesn’t want to fall in love. Love me some Vanessa Williams, from waaaay back. Liked her CDs (even that Christmas joint she put out like 10 years back). Liked her in Soul Food. Liked her on Broadway. Homegirl’s a survivor and she got the last laugh. I even had her Interview magazine ski-star layout on my walls at college, back in the day when I knew I was gonna marry her (this was before my Regina King obsession started, for any body keeping track). Anybody else remember that Interview layout, with Vanessa decked out in fine ski threads, posing like she was Olympics-bound? Or am I the only obsessive up in the piece today? Anyway. I met Vanessa at a Luther Vandross after-party at the Garden a few years back and she was crazy sweet to me. Maybe cause I was all in her face biggin’ her up, but hey, maybe not. She seemed mad appreciative of a brotha stepping up. That was one of the few times I had to do the “fawning fanboy” thing, not something I do easily. Unless I’m obsessed, I guess. Like that time I ran into Mark Wahlberg on Broadway and 21st Street….more about obsessions coming soon…


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