Mr. Big Stuff

Quote of the Day: “Something’s going on in society…” — David Bowie “Dancing With the Big Boys”

I was at a party the other night and someone asked me, “How could you write a book called HUNG?” I went into my whole bit about it being an interesting topic, how I had some funny and provocative stories to tell about black men and their dicks, blah blah blah…

Then, on the 8th of August, The Daily News gossip page “Rush & Molloy” (scroll down when you get there) reported that Mike Tyson is considering starring in a porn flick and goes so far as to cite a double-digit figure describing how big Mike is hung. Then, Saturday night on Big Brother 6, while showering in the open-air communal bathroom, Beau, the brotha in the house, becomes the object of much stares and squeals of delight and awe as several (white) members of the house take turns glimpsing his “big chocolate pee-pee”—as its called by Howie, one of the white hetero dudes in the crib, who goes back for more than one look and even brings a stepstool over so the shorter women can get a better look at Beau’s big dick.

Now, someone ask me again how I can write a book called HUNG? As Big Brother 6 host Julie Chen often says on the show, “America has spoken.”


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