Cover It Up

Quote of the Day: “You know I’d give you everything I’ve got for a little peace of mind…”–The Beatles, “I’m So Tired”

Sorry I been away for a coupla days…it was a deadline weekend again…

So I heard a bit of Patti Labelle’s cover CD, Classic Moments, and I was kinda into her take on “I Keep Forgetting” and “He’s Out of My Life”. Got me thinking of building a CD playlist of some of my favorite cover recordings. Had too many songs for one CD, so I had to build 2:

COVER IT UP!: The Covers Mix, Volume 1

1. I Heard It Through the Grapevine –Marvin Gaye
2. Stop on By–Rufus
3. For the Love of You–Whitney Houston
4. Knocks Me Off My Feet–Luther Vandross
5. True Colours–Eva Cassidy
6. The Man Who Sold The World–Nirvana
7. Walk Away Renee–Rickie Lee Jones
8. Get It Up–TLC
9. I Feel For You–Chaka Khan
10. Could It Be Magic–Donna Summer
11. Superman–R.E.M.
12. I’ll Be Around–Joan Osborne
13. Time After Time–Tuck and Patti
14. Who’s Crying Now–Randy Crawford
15. You Turn Me On–Joi
16. Bridge Over Troubled Water–Aretha Franklin

A buddy of mine who saw this line-up complained that I chose the wrong cover by Luther to put on this playlist. I had to explain to homeboy—cause he didn’t get it—the tender mix of beats and melodies and voices that go together to make a mix CD. I love “Superstar” and “A House is Not a Home” but they didn’t fit with Rickie Lee’s “Walk Away Renee” the way they each mighta fit with, say, The Four Tops version, which I also love. (And by the by, Luther does appear on Vol. 2 as well…)

Explanations to come later…


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