Salma in Paradise / Q Scores 50 Cent

Quote of the Day: “Half of the time we’re gone but we don’t know where/And we don’t know where…” Simon & Garfunkel, “The Only Living Boy In New York”

According to a report in, Oprah’s about to produce a 4-hour TV flick based on Toni Morrison’s brilliant, complex, and resonant novel Paradise. Reportedly, Salma Hayek‘s gonna be starring (no word on which role) and it will be adapted and directed by Darnell Martin. How they’ll manage to tell the tale in four hours escapes me…But I do have one question to Variety writer Michael Fleming. You are so usually the bomb, but hasn’t Martin been working long enough for you Variety guys to know that she isn’t a “he”?

Also, is reporting that Quincy Jones (or Uncle Q, as I like ta call him) will be scoring his first major film since he did The Color Purple back in ’85. He’ll be doing the music for Get Rich or Die Tryin’, the 50 Cent flick directed by Jim Sheridan which is now in post-production. Something about this makes me really, really happy. I think it’s Q ability and desire to keep himself all the way in the mix. We need you Q…don’t make the kids wait another 20 years…


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