Flying Solo

Came across 2 very funny pieces about “the writing life”. The first is one writer’s checklist description of a typical working day, starting with:

1. get coffee and drink half of it

2. check e-mail

3. check some other things

4. check my other e-mail and download the manuscript of my novel

5. get up and go to the bathroom

6. sit back down at the computer

Click here to get the full effect: Reader of Depressing Books


In my book HUNG, I write about something I call the “Solo Negro Syndrome”. That’s when a black person, by dint of interests or profession or sheer dumb luck, finds him or herself (wittingly or un-) the only person of color in some group situation. It doesn’t always have to be a bad experience, tho it often is. And it’s very often based on how the paler-skinned folk loitering about decide to handle it. Writer Marie Myung–Ok Lee hilariously describes her perplexing solo experience as a Korean-American in one such situation, this one in the rarified trenches of the literary conference world.

It starts like this: “A friend had warned me that the famous X Writers’ Conference had a ‘severe color deficit.’ Hopping off the bus, I saw she was right: a sea of white faces. Sure, people think all Asians look alike, but a bunch of white people can look like an undifferentiated pinkish glob as well. I was disappointed to find myself at yet another all–white literary event. However, born and raised in white–and–blond northern Minnesota, I felt eerily at home….”

Continue reading here: MOBYlives.


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