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Quote of the Day: “Don’t blame it on sunshine/Don’t blame it on moonlight/Don’t blame it on good times/Blame it on the boogie” –- The Jacksons, “Blame it On the Boogie”

Ms. Smith Goes to McNally: So sad I missed her reading at McNally Wednesday night (deadline looms…) But if you want to read some of the best writing about writing and the writer’s life (with some Mary J. love kicked in to boot?) please go check out Danyel Smith’s blog–particularly the July 28th entry entitled “Real Love”–and you’ll know everything you need to know: [Naked Cartwheels]

I Really Do Love the 80s: Remember “Digging Your Scene” by the Blow Monkeys? Yeh, it was one of my back-in-the-day faves, too. Peep John’s retrospective take on them here (and there’s music, too!): [Lost In the 80s]

Yo! Madonna, Great idea, Awful title: Apparently Christina A. and Gwen S. won’t be sharing in Mrs. Ritchie’s Confessions[Jossip]

Get Into Marlon’s Groove: Can I just tell y’all I heard the best live cover of a Rose Royce song ever on Tuesday night? Singer/songwriter Marlon Saunders brought the house down with his slow(er) sexy(er) take on the Car Wash classic “I Wanna Get Next to You”. There were no panties thrown on the stage (at least not that I could see from my perch in the very rear of the packed room) but there were plenty of orgasmic oohs and aahs emanating around the space. If you like your soul music to have soul and you like your singers to be able to sing and you still haven’t seen Marlon and his band Mood Control perform live, you might wanna check out their new CD A Groove So Deep: The Live Sessions. As they say, it’s damn near like being there. Check out the site (you can find out more and buy the CD here): [Marlon Saunders site]


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