A Change Has GOTTA Come

Quote of the Day: “‘Judge not lest ye be judged’/What a beautiful refrain…” – R.E.M. “New Test Leper”

It’s a deadline week here at Chez SPB, so I’m just gonna give y’all some random thoughts on stuff, at least til I can get to ya later….

On the List: Did I hear someone say there might be a new Toni Morrison novel next year? Til then, one of the books I’m most looking forward to checking this year is Peter Guralnick’s Dream Boogie, a big fat bio of Sam Cooke, in my humble opinion the best of the male mid-century vocalists who helped make American music great. I will be buying this book since my Moms got her hands on the galley that I luckily snagged at the Book Expo last month…but I guess I can’t be mad at Mrs. Bryant, she is the one who introduced me to the glory and goodness that was Sam Cooke, a beautiful black man whose voice sounded to my young ears like it was haunted by love. Or something. Can’t say the same for some others…

One In a Million?: As problematic as I found it on some levels, I have fond memories of the Million Man March back in 1995, mainly the camaradie of the brothas I traveled down with & the generational solidarity in effect all across the spot. I thought about heading down to the Million More March to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the March in October of this year. Then I started hearing all about this kat in D.C., Reverend Willie Wilson—Executive Director of the new march—who seems to believe, along with some other vacantly sexist and viciously homophobic things, that lesbianism is about to take over the black community. Authors/bloggers Mark Anthony Neal and Keith Boykin have their say & say it well…Wilson’s brand of rhetoric only makes me more excited to have a book called HUNG coming out around the same time as the march. Speaking of which…

In HUNG news: According to Fleshbot.com and video clips from his own website, it seems that Bam, one of the porn stars I considered interviewing for the book, is playing on another side of the fence these days [WARNING: VERY Adult content ahead if you click that link]…


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