Quote of the Day: “I hear music in the street/Yes, I hear the funky beat/and I get down down down down down…” – Unlimited Touch, “I Hear Music In the Street”

I do believe I hit upon the perfect iPod Summer 2005 Playlist for traipsing around hot city streets. Why is it perfect, you ask? Because I say it is…and because more than anything, it’s one of those mixes that feels, to me at least, empowering as well as entertaining. When you’re trying to make your way around a loud, belligerent, crowded spot like NYC you’d better be listening to some tunes that put a pep in your step. If not a righteous bop in your stride. Or, to quote Gladys and her Pips, a song in your heart. Note the precise, bouyant mix of cynicism, paranoia, arrogance & heartbreak that’s completely symbolic of big-city-living. There’s some Sting, rewriting Sondheim and beating one of those loneliness metaphors into the pavement–but we still love him. There’s some sex (Prince), some drugs (Rufus), some murder (the Stones), some attitude (Chrissie & the Pretenders), some glamour (Chic), & some intimately apocalyptic raving as only Seal does best. Yesterday, this mix got me from my crib in the West Village to a meeting on 12th Street on the east side, north to 34th Street, & back south to my crib. Apologies to the lady on the “F” train I almost bumped into nodding my head to Nas and Lauryn…

1. Deep Water–Seal
2. Computer Blue–Prince
3. Uptown Anthem–Naughty By Nature
4. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover–Paul Simon
5. Got to Give It Up–Marvin Gaye
6. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) –The Rolling Stones
7. Feel Good Inc–Gorillaz
8. Talk of the Town–The Pretenders
9. Little Boy Blue–Rufus
10. Nothingness–Living Colour
11. Message in a Bottle–The Police
12. If I Ruled The World–Nas Ft. Lauren Hill
13. Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming–Michael Jackson/Jermaine Jackson
14. I Want Your Love–Chic
15. Red Light–Jonny Lang
16. Rock Steady–Aretha Franklin
17. This Place Hotel (Heartbreak Hotel)–The Jacksons
18. Our Lips Are Sealed–Fun Boy Three

Liner Notes: (For any folks younger than, say, twenty-one who happen upon this site): Tracks 13 and 17 feature an artist named Michael Jackson, who, once upon a time—believe it or not—actually had an exciting, thriving, important music career. I consider the vocal performances on these songs two of his very best. Also, on track 9, that woman screaming her notes in key and without the aid of Pro-Tools is a legend named Chaka Khan. Finally, what she and Michael and the artists on tracks 1, 5, 10, 14, 15 and 16 are doing is called “singing”.

If you wanna make this mix yaself, it’s a perfect 80 minutes of music for a standard burned CD…hope you enjoy your traipsing in the heat as much as I did…

For all you peeps who email me, i love getting them but why don’t you share your thoughts with everyone else? Please feel free to leave comments on the site…just press the comments button below this post…


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