Hump Day Hijinks

Quote of the Day: “Different kinds of people/Different kinds of life/We go walking towards the future/With different size strides…” — Seal, “Show Me”

The emails and comments I got about my “casting” Regina King as the Glenn Close part in the reported “urban” remake of Fatal Attraction got me and my buddy talking about movies by Adrian Lyne—those slick, sexy morality plays that often manage to hit on some zeitgeist-y trend and become box-office hits. So we were thinking: What if his other flicks were all re-made with actors of color in all the starring roles?

(Of course, I’d cast Regina King in everything, but I can’t, so I won’t.) Here’s how we cast them:

Flashdance could star … well, let’s not go there, since J-Lo already mopped the entire plot and art direction for her cheesy video a while back.

9 1/2 Weeks would star Terrence Howard and Kimberly Elise in place of Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. Directed by Carl Franklin.

Jacob’s Ladder would be perfect for Don Cheadle or Anthony Mackie in place of Tim Robbins, right? Directed by Charles Stone III.

Indecent Proposal is tailor-made for Morgan Freeman in the Redford part and J-Lo and Marc Anthony making their co-starring debut as the originally desperate Demi Moore/Woody Harrelson pairing. Or maybe Halle Berry and Mos Def? Directed by Kasi Lemmons.

Unfaithful…hmmm. Taye Diggs or Daniel Sunjata or Michael Ealy in the Olivier Martinez part? Denzel and Angela Bassett as Michael Douglas and Diane Lane? Directed by Rodney Evans.

After finishing with Lyne, we moved on to “ethnically” updating Billy Wilder flicks like Sunset Boulevard and Some Like It Hot and The Apartment. But that’s another blog entry for another day…

More comments? More emails? Y’all know what to do…Til later today…(there might be a sorta big SPB Q announcement later, so stay tuned)…


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