Tuesdays with Todd, Terry, Regina & Ricky

Quote of the Day: “Dearly beloved, We are gathered here today 2 get through this thing called life…” —Prince, “Let’s Go Crazy”

When LL Met RK: So I heard that LL Cool J would be playing the Michael Douglas role in an urban version of Fatal Attraction as part of his new multi-pic deal with Lion’s Gate. My first thought was this: Who’s gonna play the Glenn Close character? My choice? Well, in all honesty, I first thought they should cast a white chick. That would be a hoot, right? Not a chance. Then I thought: Regina King. Regina could do it, she can do anything. I bet homegirl could go from ultra-sexy career girl to spurned and homicidal “other woman” in the blink of a boiled rabbit’s eye. Anyone who’s seen Poetic Justice or Jerry McGuire or Ray should know by now that RK is one of the most versatile chicks in Hollywood. If her name was Renee Zellwegger or Gwyneth Paltrow, she’d have three Oscars by now and be a major, major multi-million-makin’ movie star. And I’d be her house-husband, Mr. Regina King, home with the kids and writing my books while she was off on location being a star, then I’d write a Broadway play for her to star in and we’d take it to London’s West End and set up a little crib in Notting Hill and then take the kids on vacation to Africa when the run ended and then go visit my mother’s people in Florida and then…Um. Okay. Sorry. I’m back. Dream sequence over. On with the blog…

So, my peeps, if not Regina, who do y’all think should play the knife-wielding villainess? Click “comment” at the end of this entry and tell us what you think, if you like…


Living La Vida Comeback? Wasn’t Rob Thomas’s “Lonely No More”, like, the best Ricky Martin song that Ricky Martin never made? RIcky’s about to hit the pop scene again, this time with a very “urban” vibe on his new single “I Don’t Care”, featuring Amerie and Fat Joe. Take a listen…


Plummer-ing The Depths: Loved Wendy Williams’s interview with Mr. Terry McMillan–sorry, I meant Jonathan Plummer–on the radio yesterday. Loved hearing him talk about how “homophobic” Terry was when she found out she was married to a gay guy. Homophobic? Man, you lucky that’s all she was. You lucky she wasn’t homo-cidal, as angry as she’s seemed on TV lately. I also loved Wendy explaining to a caller—who didn’t understand how Mr. McMillan didn’t realize he was gay until just recently—that in the West Indies, “bati boys” are not very accepted in mainstream society and sorta relegated to their own communities. I love Wendy but I wasn’t sure if she was talking about lepers or gay guys. As for Plummer, I feel sorta the way I felt last year about that McGreevy cat, the “gay American” governor from New Jersey. I understand being in the closet and I understand being “confused” about one’s sexuality. But why bring other people into your confusion? Go work it out. Don’t huddle in the closet, let your ambition guide (and hide) you, then slam the door open because you need some cash or because you’re about to be called out for being as trifling as everyone else. And regarding the whole, “living the life he’s grown accustomed to” thing, a buddy of mine who recently graduated from law school told me that a battle like this one—attempting to break a pre-nup and all that—is just a form of legal extortion. I guess. But it certainly doesn’t seem like Terry’s paying up to just make it go away. The dissolution may be getting televised, but everything will apparently not be interrupted…this thing called life goes on…


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