Monday Morning Musings

Quote of the Day: “What makes you feel like doin’ stuff like that?” — Qunicy Jones (with Ashford & Simpson and Chaka), Sounds…and Stuff Like That

Is it the End of Eminem as We Know Him?…And Do We Feel Fine About it? From what folks are reporting, The Real Slim Shady’s about to hang up his rapping cap and commit himself to just production work. He claims that he’s said everything he wanted to say as a performer. I can certainly think of some artists who I wish were self-aware enough to admit this and put us out of our collective misery…Em certainly wasn’t on the list…


Gee, and to think I thought I was the only person trying to get my hands on a Harry Potter novel this weekend…apparently not, according to Scholastic.


I did get my hands on the new Harry Potter novel—but I barely cracked it open. My copy of Confessions of a Video Vixen (which debuted at #7 on the NY Times bestseller list Sunday) arrived in the mail Saturday and, well, all I can say is that even though there was something wild about Harry, there was something even wilder about Karrine Steffans…Look out for my interview with the Video Vixen herself later this week…


You know how gossips and rumor-mongers question whether some starlet has had a boob job or not? I guess it was inevitable that the guy versions–studlets, I call them–would soon come under similar scrutiny about how they, uh, size up. Studlet-of-the-moment Colin Ferrell seems to get it more than most. But now you can add Jared Leto to the list, according to the kissing-and-telling of porn actress Corina Taylor. Jordan Catalano, we hardly knew ye…Which is why it’s so funny to me there’s such an virulent uproar about Ms. Steffans in the black media community. She ain’t exactly doing anything new (Pamela Des Barres, anyone?)–she’s just doing something new to black men. (All together now: She’s putting their (and her own) business in the street.) I guess rappers and jocks don’t mind telling everyone what Big Willies they are. They just don’t want anyone talking about how big their willies are…At least Karrine didn’t have to change names. Everyone in her book is, well, straight. I had to change a few of the names in my book HUNG because one of the athletes and the “on-the-DL” rapper I interviewed or wrote about aren’t as straight as their public personas would have us believe…


I bet there’s at least one person who’s glad that Karrine’s on the media scene…Terry McMillan. Takes the spotlight off her…The Interruption of Everything, indeed…My favorite of Terry’s is still Mama. A great read–uneven in spots but consistently hilarious, always real, and often moving…


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