Socialite-ly Speaking

Quote of the day: “Fame, puts you there where things are hollow…” — David Bowie, Fame

Last fall it was Paris Hilton denying her use of the N-word (and getting sold out to the tabloids by some other rich kid, who tattled that she was, indeed, a racist). The Village Voice’s Ta-Nehisi Coates even revoked homegirl’s “ghetto pass”…Now it’s scenester Fabian Basabe, prompting, according to The New York Post’s Page 6, “audible gasps” from the crowd when he “drunkenly” (and derogatorily, one surmises, in that way that only a Friend of the First Daughter Barbara Bush/Mr. Married-to-La Perla might) called the black security peeps at The Star Room “Negros!” while they were tossing him out of the joint. Apparently he’s been apologizing out the ass for the language he used during what seems like a prototypical “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” moment.

But, come on Fabian…“Negros”? I wonder if he’d actually started to scream “Niggers”, but caught himself when he realized that the Wainscott hotspot was probably crawling with “spectators” who live to report celebutante breakdowns back to gossip columns? I wonder if perhaps, say, “Coloreds!” popped into his mind? Or “Spooks!” Whatever. It must be hard to be an It Boy. You can’t even be a convincing racist in public.


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